Kerry Chilvers

Kerry Chilvers, Brands Director, Direct Line Group
Kerry has successfully driven the repositioning of our entire portfolio - one brave decision at a time.

First Kerry brought Winston Wolf to Direct Line, leading the charge on our infamous Fixer campaign. Not only did this work disrupt a tired, commoditised category, it gave DLG back it’s mojo and reversed years of decline. Kerry faced internal reticence to embark on this repositioning initially, and then to launch such brave advertising, but she persevered, uncovering compelling customer insight and commercial evidence to build belief in others.

With Green Flag, Kerry took on The AA (the most trusted brand in the UK) with a very overt challenger campaign, making a virtue of the brand’s differences and perceived weaknesses. It was a courageous move that has delivered sustained double-digit growth.

Finally, Kerry overhauled Churchill, which involved having the courage to reinvent one of the longest standing and most loved brand icons in the UK. No mean feat, but Kerry recognised the need for reinvention, to step away from the category. Loveable, but out-dated Churchill had to be crafted with incredible skill to avoid eroding years of investment.

In a fiercely commercially driven sector, Kerry has worked tirelessly to educate stakeholders on the role of marketing, and the value of brands, alongside the need for DLG to build market leading unique propositions. All whilst instilling a culture of bravery in the marketing team, and beyond, to take bold moves that allow DLG brands stand out and deliver better for customers.