Katie Hunter


Katie is the talent behind the growth and delivery of social media, content and influencer campaigns for brands including The British Army, National Citizen Service and Arla. By integrating social elements with wider campaigns, Katie helps build closer audience connections via cultural conversations.

It’s also Katie’s job to upskill Karmarama’s teams in channels outside traditional advertising. As part of this, Katie launched S.I.C.K Week (Social, Innovation and Content at Karmarama), featuring talks on topics from diversity and BLM to social media strategy. Katie’s flair for spreading the word extends to her skill as a mentor and DE&I campaigner, roles through which she works tirelessly to open the industry’s doors. She leads Karmarama’s Kadets paid-internship, a four-week virtual scheme which has recruited two-thirds of attendees from outside the traditional white British audience, and hired two Kadets into permanent roles in 2021. In partnership with the Ideas Foundation, Katie masterminded Karmarama’s new Working Experience initiative. The one-week in-office scheme offered 25 students aged 16-to-18 a chance to experience all aspects of advertising, from finance to creative. But it doesn’t stop there; Katie’s evangelism for diverse young talent reaches beyond the day job into her role as a founding member and head of mentee relations at OkMentor, a global training and mentorship not-for-profit equipping young women for the realities of creative life. Since 2019, OkMentor has supported 2000-plus women from over 20 countries, some entering BBH and VCCP. And with 15 years in the industry under her belt, Katie’s only just getting started.