Karin Seymour

News UK

In the past year, Karin Seymour has transformed her team’s approach to client relationships, whilst influencing the business to advance the cause of mums, dads and carers at News UK.

When News UK asked people to nominate the most inspirational women in the business for International Women’s Day, Karin received more nominations than any other woman in the business from across editorial, technology and commercial departments – all praising her impressive, decisive and empathetic approach to leadership. She successfully integrated Bridge Studio, News UK’s creative agency with the client and Comms Planning team, in order to deliver more proactive and creative ideas to clients, and add value to client relationships – and identified the commercial potential offered by sport across News UK’s portfolio, both leading to impressive growth in revenue. She also stood up to bravely identify and be the voice of many by launching News for Parents in lockdown – whilst homeschooling two children of her own – leading the internal network to deliver five flexible hours each week, company-wide laptop loans for homeschooling, virtual spot coaching for parents, engaging over 1,000 parents across the organisation.