Jenny Stirland

Mindshare UK

A key objective at Mindshare is driving Good Growth, something Jenny is firmly passionate about, as Good Growth drives innovative media strategies which makes for exciting campaigns and great client results. Jenny uses her position as digital lead across the agency’s biggest clients to champion making media more than just about click-through rates. She believes media can benefit the world, whether that’s driving sustainability or pushing for a more inclusive industry, beliefs that Jenny unwaveringly upholds day-to-day.

Jenny focuses on inclusivity in her teams’ approach to media. Mindshare clients have strict standards regarding brand safety and the task Jenny set herself is, how we can stick to these standards, still utilise industry recognised verification platforms, and deliver media that is inclusive? A campaign which ran programmatically in September 2021 with diversity partner, Brand Advance, faced several challenges to even get started. The problem was glaring – standard verification technology, blocks content from minority community sites because it’s unable to understand the nuances of those sites within its standard categorisations. Removing the client’s mandated pre-bid DSP segment was the only way to begin the campaign; whilst post-bid blocking remained in place to ensure brand safety for the client. This solution wasn’t optimal in programmatic for neither the advertiser or publisher and was not the long-term solution. Jenny used her sphere of influence, with her client and within the agency, to gather a working group of specialists to deliver the task she had set herself, based on her beliefs of driving Good Growth.