Jemma Parkes

Mindshare Worldwide

Sports marketing is inherently male dominated. When I stepped into the role of Nike Strategy and Planning lead, my mission was clear: define the next chapter of brand media for Nike and ignite change.

Having the right team around me was the first step. We increased headcount while boosting women in leadership positions from 20% to 75% - disrupting the status quo and showing the team there is a place for them at the table. To drive real change and transform media, I had to embed purpose into our planning process. Our climate goals can’t just be words, they must take action. I led the pilot of the WPP carbon calculator, using the tool to monitor the impact of our work and make clear conscious choices in how to best plan for the brief and target audience and for the planet. I also ensured our practices reflect the communities we support. Nike is a champion of the Black community, however there isn’t equity in media. Underrepresentation and bias has created a digital censorship. So, we developed an inclusive planning framework for Nike, ensuring representation in our planning process and making conscious investment decisions to support Black-owned spaces and platforms that create a positive impact. I am a passionate leader, fearless in my advocacy for our team. I demand bravery and excellence in our work and am proud to make a difference not only in this industry, but in the career paths of the people I am charged with leading.