Ingrid Leddin


Without Bodyform, periods would still be blue. Without Ingrid, red periods wouldn’t be on TV or in public media. The truth: we still battle misogyny in media. It’s not about lack of brand confidence starting uncomfortable conversations – TV and Social platforms often block brands from buying media to be able to say it.

In an era where we can’t offend anyone, there are even more media buying restraints to tackle shameful topics – vaginas, period blood, PMT and menopause. How can we normalise if we’re being stopped from advertising? Yet, Ingrid has not only been able to grow media spend for TENA and Bodyform by 20% to drive this agenda, Essity has received global industry recognition for Ingrid’s taboo-breaking work. First there was Viva la Vulva: countless media owners turned their backs on the campaign, so Zenith took the ad to influencers, who took it viral. Next was Bodyform’s #bloodnormal campaign, where men were brought into the conversation around period blood. Then followed #wombstories: an ad which gave women a voice and Zenith made famous through a social campaign. Ingrid also challenged the TENA client to make a disruptive strategic shift from private to public media to tackle negative perceptions of female aging and incontinence. This strategy grew the bladder weakness category and won TENA multiple awards including the C4 Diversity Award. Yes, misogyny still exists – but with pioneers like Ingrid leading the way for clients like Bodyform and TENA, we'd like to think there’s a little less shame and taboo.