Hannah Wright

Iris London

Over the past 4.5 years at Iris, I’ve transitioned from a Senior Data Analyst to Head of Data, overseeing a large team across all end-to-end data solutions from Data Science to Strategic Analytics and everything in between. In the last year, the team has grown by 62% and our technical capabilities have deepened and broadened significantly. 

I’ve spearheaded several innovations, including: 

1.Leading the research, analysis and dashboard development of the recently launched Iris Participation Brand Index - a global study proving the relationship between Participation and business performance, unearthing numerous insights into the world of consumer and brand relationships.  

2.Developing an ‘Ecoeffectiveness Wheel’ as part of an approach to measuring the impact of marketing on incremental carbon footprint generated by its output, and to identifying opportunities to reduce this impact.  

3.Revitalising the team’s tech stack and capabilities by empowering team members to upskill and creating global analytics community best-practices. 

4.Pitch-winning work through showcasing our ability to use data creatively for Pampers & Estee Lauder, and subsequent onboarding, providing opportunities to develop automated, real-time campaign reporting using GCP and Google Data Studio. 

Data is a male-dominated industry. With 42% women, I’m proud that our team exceeds all industry benchmarks driven by recruitment initiatives and a personal passion in supporting women in data. My dedication to equality goes beyond the workplace; I am also a trustee for Medact and received the FSA Fans for Diversity award for founding The Festival of Football.