Hannah Stockton


Hannah is a leader who knows that possessing a vision isn’t the same as making it a reality. As a team builder and team leader, she’s the rare example of someone who can do both – bringing people together in service of a higher goal and helping them get there, inch by inch – whether it’s answering a brief, improving our agency or better ourselves as individuals. In the past 12 months she’s built an entirely new type of media agency strategy team, designed for the future of our operating model, shifting them from the margins of our business into the centre of it; pioneered a connected, creatively fertile mode of hybrid working for that team, taking its productivity and morale from worst in the agency to first; helped our clients recover from a once-in-a-lifetime crisis with campaigns both big and small; and pushed the agency to become active ally in the emerging post-pandemic mental health crisis, rather than just a passive sympathiser. Ask her team and they’ll tell you she’s the best manager they’ve ever had. Ask the agency and they’ll tell you she’s a source of inspiration for their mental health. Ask our clients and they’ll tell you she’s a constant source of energy, ideas, and insight. She is a natural leader of people, a great ambassador for our agency, and she is richly deserving of your consideration for this award.

Charlie Ebdy – Chief Strategy Officer, OMD UK