Francesca Roberts

Iris London

My focus and determination has led me to where I am today. A pivotal moment for me was in 2017 when I was given the opportunity to solo produce a big budget campaign for a large tech brand. This was entrusted to me by a career-long female role model who saw my potential and let me run with it. As part of our DE&I strategy at Iris, my team have built a database full of awe-inspiring diverse talent. By committing to always having 33% BAME and 33% Female talent in our director and photographer shortlists we will reach a place where diversity a norm. I volunteer at a mental health charity, speaking with vulnerable people on a bi-weekly basis. I make it my purpose to bring light into their lives, whether that be through laughter or listening. I bring these interpersonal skills into play when mentoring younger members of the team. With the help of inspiring female role models I have risen fast in this industry. I aspire to be a strong leader and role model myself, in the not so far future.