Claire Linford


Claire is influential in a multitude of ways. Firstly, she is driving best-in-class research and measurement solutions for Google, one of the biggest brands in the world, in addition to producing outstanding work consistently outside of her work on this client.

Secondly, she is front-and-centre in driving a creative and positive culture at OMD through her role as a Creative Catalyst in the agency, where she consults on, and contributes to, solutions that push the boundaries for media with strong insight at their core. Thirdly, she is a huge part of our Insight team at OMD: she’s an amazing line manager, a joy to work with and, despite these many achievements, has absolutely no ego. She is the perfect embodiment of what a strong female professional should be. She is unapologetic about her gender and always 100% herself – a brilliant researcher, a charismatic Northerner and the best auntie to her twin nieces, to whom she undoubtedly shows that kindness, hard work and collaboration can get you a very long way!