Carole Humphrey

Carole Humphrey, Managing Director, Grand Central Recording Studios
Despite not having a background in science, Carole has been a pioneer in the transformation from analogue to digital in the audio world. In 1985 she was instrumental in purchasing a Synclavier, hitherto a renowned musical sampler, and working to make it the de facto standard for recording and sound design in audio post.

GCRS was the first all digital studio in Soho. Despite having digital audio work stations throughout, GCRS believes firmly in mixing on a mixing desk not in a box. This creates a beautifully balanced creatively superior house sound.

In 2017, Studio 8 was rebuilt with a 56 speaker installation for the design and mixing of immersive audio. With the support of Carole, the GCRS immersive audio division, GCVRS was launched at the same time. Since its inception, it has created ground-breaking audio for clients including Lionsgate Entertainment World and Samsung, which would not have been previously possible whilst setting an impressive new industry standard.

Her belief and financial investment in emerging technologies has been integral to not only the growth of GCRS, but to the industry as a whole.