Carole Humphrey

Carole Humphrey, Managing Director, Grand Central Recording Studios
Growing a diverse team has never taken a concerted effort from Carole. She has always used her independent position to take full control over GCRS’ recruiting policies and company culture. It has never been her style to seek out new graduates from the same colleges as her competitors, but rather look further afield for those with a genuine passion for music, audio, and technology.

Twenty-five years after opening their doors, GCRS has a team of talented engineers, producers, and management – none of whom have a background mirroring the other. As a result, the team is diverse in terms of educational background and race – it always has been.

GCRS has launched the careers of many of the industry’s best respected engineers and team members. Teams have to be lean by nature, every recruit is meticulously considered, and there is no option but to employ only those who we genuinely believe are the best – and sometimes to take a risk on a person without traditional experience, which has often proved to be some of the most successful hires.