Bex Cross


From a standing start, Bex (just turned 27), has built a new department & income stream that’s on course to become 50% of our agency turnover.

Within 12 months, Bex has built a formidable 3D artist and Account team from scratch and taken on some of the biggest house building and Real Estate clients in the industry. Bex was hired during the pandemic, when DCTR were looking to diversify. We had dabbled in CGI but mostly used external partners when needed. Bex had the confidence, the influential ability, and the technical skills to sign up to an opportunity to build a team and effectively run her own business within our business. She has been able to secure new clients, launch new products and literally raise the game in property marketing. Bex led the team that has created virtual reality marketing suites (first in the country), built dreamy CGI animations, created hundreds of dreamy renders, and built the foundations to be known in the industry as a respected CGI house. Literally a pipeline dream for us in management 12 months ago. Alongside work day-to-day, Bex has completed an Open University Management Course in people management this year and despite being a first-time manager, has built a happy and high performing team. Clients that Bex has helped secure include Berkeley, ThamesWey, SAGE Housing, Sovereign Housing, Origin Housing and another top 5 house builder (under NDA but whom we built the UK’s first full Virtual Reality Marketing Suite) to name but a few.