Bettina Garnier

The Upside

When Bettina joined The Upside, she was the only permanent female employee. Now it's a place where women thrive with 64% female employees and 43% POC.

In addition to being a Strategy Director Bettina took on the role of Head of People, joining the management team in 2019 after she saw an opportunity to pay more attention to how the company is nurturing employees to achieve their potential and work better together as a team. Her first step in this role was implementing a coaching/mentor program. ‘Upsiders on the Up’ is born from a coaching mindset and the belief that everyone is an expert in themselves and creativity comes from when people are given the room to find their own answers, vs. being told. This program gives Upsiders the opportunity to be coached by a senior member of the team around any topic they feel important to their professional development. This program has been instrumental to my progression and for other Upsiders too. Bettina is an excellent coach/mentor. Firstly, she helps me look beyond the day to day to think about my wider career and lifestyle that I want to have. She’s provided tools to identify my values and helps me tap into my strengths as a source of growth and energy. Secondly, she guides and doesn’t tell. For example when exploring the topic of managing up, her questions helped me find answers myself. She believes in the power of all of us to find our own path.