Asad Dhunna

Asad Dhunna, Founder, The Unmistakables
Asad has grounded himself in his own purpose of making our industry more diverse, inclusive and representative and wants to bring people along with him. Setting up The Unmistakables, a consultancy made of minorities, has created a space for people that are typically underrepresented and ignored to be seen and heard. Through setting up the business, Asad has put his name on the line to push for change, and is highlighting that we could all benefit from more ‘do’ and less ‘talk’ when it comes to diversity.

At his presentation at Cannes Lions this year, Asad invited a non-binary Bollywood dancer to perform alongside him. Rather than just owning the stage, Asad passes the mic to other minority groups that need to be heard, and in doing so inspires others to check their own privilege, and to think about what they can do to help and lift others. Asad was also the Director of Communications at Pride in London. In setting out the Pride Matters report in 2018, he transformed the organisation into one that now takes a comms-led approach to marketing campaigns. This year he was key to the development of the Pride Jubilee, which took over London on July 6 and spearheaded its partnership with Getty Images, which has ensured that Pride is documented for years to come.