Amy Jenkins

Channel 4

Having spent 19 years working in advertising, I have become a passionate advocate for equality and inclusion. The pandemic brought into sharp focus the need for an inclusive society and I am determined to bring this ethos into both 4Sales and the wider industry. Since 2018, alongside my role as Agency Sales Lead at Channel 4, I have held the position of 4Sales Diversity Taskforce Chair, striving to deliver initiatives that do just that.

My vision is to ensure inclusivity sits at the heart of everything we do: from the way we respond to client briefs, to the cultural moments we choose to champion, through to how we attract and develop diverse talent. In the last year, I’ve rebooted our recruitment processes to better attract applicants from diverse backgrounds and we have seen shifts of at least +10% in representation across all categories. I’ve been at the forefront of our most prestigious projects in I&D: leading the team on the award-winning #StandAgainstRacism (Nov 2020); taking charge of legacy around our Black to Front Project (Sept 2021) including launching an annual industry standard measurement for representation in UK advertising and the development of new opportunities for our Black talent with 4Sales. I continuously bring my passion and vision to my work with our media agency partners and have recently launched ‘Brave Stories’, a collaboration with Starcom designed to shine a spotlight on some of the unique unheard backgrounds amongst our employees and the benefits these experiences bring to our businesses.