Head of Communications , dmg media

dmg medias head of communications Cindy Yau lives and breathes diversity and inclusion; in her spare time, she co-founded Dual Frequency, a free online magazine to teach children and educators about diversity and inclusion through resources, blogs and podcasts.

Before joining dmg media, as communications business partner for ITVs first ever internal BME network (plus its internal pride and womens networks) Cindy helped provide safe spaces for employees to engage with conversations around diversity and inclusion.

She is currently business partner for Daily Mails sponsorship of the Stephen Lawrence Trust scholarships primarily aimed at minoritised ethnicities stastically under-represented within the news industry.

Within Mail Metro Medias culture group, Cindy championed signing an open anti-racism charter a collective agreement to call out behaviour, check credibility, use inclusive language and provide equal opportunity in hiring talent plus rolling out a culture survey to collect diversity data, with the purpose of bringing in more, vital, diverse talent to the business.

Alongside Creative Equals, Cindy is bringing in an external chair to talk to our teams about global issues and invite black and minoritised ethnic people to join a safe space to talk about them. Cindy and the team will use evidence from the survey and open spaces to create an entire program extensions of which include external speakers on privelege, race, LGBTQI+ issues and working parenthood.

Cindy dedicates her time, inside and outside her role, to the advancement of diversity and inclusion and that is why she belongs on the Influential Women list.