Managing Director , WMC/GREY

When I grow up, I want to be like Adéla. This is, in my opinion, "the most" you can say about someone. Adéla is the managing director of the WMC/GREY in Czech Republic. A country of the former Eastern Bloc, where traditional values and roles are still rooted. Adéla is one of the mere 14% of board members in Czechia who are female. In 2015, when she took the lead, the Czech GREY was not even among the top 10 agencies on our market. But for the last three years, it has been one of the most awarded agencies. In 2019, it even was awarded the most creative agency of the year. But what would creativity be without effectivity? With 3 entries for this year's Effie Awards, GREY won 1 bronze, 2 golds and also the Grand Prix. That is famously effective! Throughout the years of her leadership, the agency has increased its revenue by almost 100 % and has also grown in terms of employees and departments. Gender equality applies in the agency, regarding both staff and salary. This is also not usual in Czechia, where women earn on average 20% less than men. To not to get bored in her free time, Adéla is the deputy mayor of her village. Furthermore, she is a runner. She can run a half marathon under 2 hours. So, here I am left wondering why there is a saying, "to have the balls," when you obviously do not need any.